Sizing Chart & Guide

Properly measuring your ring and neck size is not actually as straightforward as most would think, it helps to have an extra set of hands assist if possible, but either way it is strongly recommended to use multiple techniques a few different times to be sure that sizing is as accurate as possible. It also must be taken into account how you like to wear your jewelry, either on the looser or tighter side. Keep in mind your neck, especially ring size can change throughout the day and with temperature fluctuations. Everybody is different and personal preference is ultimately the deciding factor. Once you have your exact wrist measurement, you can add ⅛”, ¼” or ½” depending on what feels right to you. For rings, we only offer full size 5 - 10.


  • Make sure your palm is facing up, NOT rotating inward like you would read the time on your watch.
  • Open the palm of your hand.
  • Wrap measuring tape snug around your finger or neck. You want it tight against the skin, but not so tight that the skin bulges on either side.
  • Read the size on measuring tape, preferably in inches. 


String: The same method can be used with a string, which you will then hold up to a ruler to get your measurement.

Paper: Repeat the same method, marking the piece of paper at the point of overlap and compare to a ruler.