The Process On How It Works

1. Please send us an email with the following information:

Your Name
Contact Phone #
Email Address
Location of Purchase
Date of Purchase
Type of Jewelry
Reason for Repair
Has this item been repaired by Shelley Moon Designs before?
Tell us about your jewelry.

2. Describe the reason for the repair request.

3. We will review your request, and accept or deny based on your standard protocol.

4. If accepted, please include a check made payable to Shelley Moon Designs in the amount specified by email.

5. Once we have received your payment as well as damaged item, we will make the necessary adjustments and send your jewelry back to you.

****Disclaimer & Liability****

If you receive a defective item, you must notify Shelley Moon Designs by sending an email within 5 business days of delivery date. Please reference actual delivery date with USPS tracking number. Repairs are only accepted with a Shelley Moon Designs receipt. You must email proof of receipt to for this email submission to be valid. Repairs are only accepted with "return to sender" shipping label paid for by the purchaser. Package will not be accepted if not authorized by Shelley Moon Designs prior to shipping back to us.