Artisan-crafted Sustainable Fine Jewelry

Elevating Conscious Luxury

Uncover beautifully artisan-crafted jewelry pieces that effortlessly blend elegance with a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

Effortless Elegance

Experience the exquisite addition to your personal style with Shelley Moon Designs' Sustainable Fine Jewelry Collections. Our exquisite designs seamlessly blend beauty, purpose, and sustainability, bringing a touch of conscious luxury to your wardrobe. From timeless classics to fresh, artistic creations, our pieces offer effortless elegance that allows you to adorn yourself with both confidence and a commitment to sustainability.


I am a big fan of Shelley Moon Jewelry Designs. She carefully makes pieces that are timeless and beautifully simple. In addition to great designs, she is wonderful with people. She puts her full attention into supporting customers with a favorable outcome if they ever have a concern. Shelley does great work and puts people first.

Elayna S.
Austin, TX

Shelley is a creator extraordinaire. Her jewelry always gets me compliments and has so much soul. I've known Shelley across multiple work platforms and whatever she does, she puts her heart and creative spirit into. I highly recommend her jewelry and her creativity at large.

Natasha A.
Austin, TX

Beautiful designs and so delicate that you would want to pick every one of them. Love the fact that you can wear them for every occasion.

Sakshi T.
Austin, TX.

Gorgeous jewelry made by an even more beautiful person Shelley has always been talented with this craft and I’m so happy to see her finally take it to the next level I am Sparkling with her new bling and always getting compliments. She is so creative, attentive and the pieces are sexy and glamorous. You will love her adornments on you and your friends will love then as a gift even more

Liza P.

Absolutely LOVE all of Shelley Moon’s beautiful and unique designs. So happy with the earrings I purchased, they go with everything, and I get complimented all the time. Would highly recommend her jewelry to anyone!

Lauren L.

Exquisite designs and quality pieces! Shelley is a true artist and I absolutely love my earrings and enjoy receiving compliments every time I wear them.

Regina C.
Los Angeles, CA

Shelley creates pieces that aren’t just beautiful. They are unique. They are individual. They are made with love. She is one of a kind and expresses that with her art!

Cassi S.


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