Welcome to Shelley Moon Designs - home of elegant, modern, minimalist jewelry, handmade in Austin, Texas.

Back in 2006, I was planning my wedding and wanted to create something special for my 7 bridesmaids. Off to the bead store I went. Within 10 minutes, I knew exactly what I wanted to create and the result was something I'll never forget when I gave my 'thank you' gifts to my lovely friends. This creative process gave me so much happiness and satisfaction. Sadly, I didn’t keep up with it, but the feeling of joy I felt while creating gave me so much peace and I never forgot that.

Fast forward to 2018. I had my own business as a documentary family photographer. I was burnt out and was looking for something in my life that was more fulfilling.
I had just finished my weekend workshop for mindful practice and meditation. Something had changed within me instantly. I had clarity that I never had before. Life seemed different somehow, I walked out feeling I could accomplish anything. I mean ANYTHING! I had a vision of being a 'creator' of my own universe, for the first time in my life, I felt complete FREEDOM. With that feeling in my mind, I picked up my old hobby once more on my kitchen table and I haven't been able to stop. On this new journey, I am dedicated to creating something that is meaningful and beautiful, each designs hand-crafted right here in Austin, Texas.

Every design has been created with a friend in mind, named and honoring after my wonderful girlfriends who inspire, influence, motivate, uplift me by being fabulous individuals, entrepreneurs, bad a$$ ladies in my life. Without my tribe of boss babes, I wouldn't be here today, doing what I am passionate about.

So, THANK YOU for stopping by and browsing through my designs. Whether you're buying something for yourself or for someone special in your life, I hope you find something very special here. And if you don't see it, contact me and I'd love to create something beautiful, just for you.

With gratitude,