About The Founder & Artist

Hye-Jin, the driving creative force behind Shelley Moon Designs, elegantly fuses fine jewelry with sustainability. Drawing inspiration from her background in documentary photography and her early 20's stint at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Hye-Jin infuses her designs with an accessible elegance. Each creation reflects her JOY and passion for life, mirroring her present self.

Outside of her artistic pursuits, Hye-Jin delves deep into the realm of overall mental and emotional wellness, committed to her personal & professional growth journey. Engaging in mindful practices and meditation not only rejuvenates her creativity in jewelry design, but also brings her genuine fulfillment as she explores new creative avenues.

"Your innate beauty radiates from the moment you are born. Adorning yourself with jewelry that embodies your essence adds a delicate hint of refined grace & elegance."

From Documentary Photography to Jewelry

An-award winning photographer, Hye-Jin, once was deeply entrenched in the world of documentary photography, specializing in tender moments of childbirth, candid lifestyle family shots, intimate boudoir sessions has since ventured into the bustling realm of entrepreneurship in Austin, Texas.

Her journey took a significant turn in 2019 when she dove into the role of owner and creative mind behind Shelley Moon Designs, a jewelry brand grounded in mindfulness, ethical manufacturing, and sustainable materials. This shift was spurred by a transformative weekend retreat focused on mindfulness and meditation, redirecting her career trajectory from behind the lens to the realm of sustainable fine jewelry design.

With a focus on handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces available both online and through various markets (Austin, Round Top, Houston, Dallas and surrounding cities) pop-up events, Hye-Jin prioritizes personal connections with her clientele.

Collaborating with an-award winning artisans in Los Angeles focused in sustainability process, she mindfully brings her designs to fruition, infusing them with her discerning aesthetic and a dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Join us in Building a Sustainable and Empowered Community

In early 2023, Hye-Jin co-founded Clover + Maven in 2023 along with her 2 girlfriends - Elizabeth Hyman (The Gardeners Wife) & Ryan Doolittle (Ryan Doolittle Glass), a vibrant space dedicated to promoting women-driven artists and showcasing the works of over 55+ local makers and artists.

Her dedication to community engagement extends further as she serves as a board member for the Women's Jewelry Association - Austin Chapter, actively contributing to the growth and advancement of the jewelry industry in Austin.

In her various ventures, Hye-Jin demonstrates a sincere dedication to nurturing creativity, sustainability, and community empowerment. Her efforts contribute to shaping a legacy of innovation and positive influence within Austin's entrepreneurial sphere.

Clover + Maven

Clover + Maven is a women-owned and artist-run collective in ever thriving and growing part of East Austin, TX that is focused on highlighting local artists and makers connecting them with the community.

Come visit our website and explore our delightful store nestled in Springdale General. By shopping locally, you're not just contributing to a thriving economy; you're also uplifting skilled artists and creators who call this beautiful place "home." Your support means the world to us and our community.

We've crafted this space to immerse ourselves in our creative communities and flourish together. Entrepreneurs like us owe our existence to supporters like you who champion small businesses. So, a heartfelt THANK YOU in advance for your ongoing support!

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to last, go with others." - African Proverbs

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