Elevate your style while honoring your commitment to sustainability with Shelley Moon Designs' Sustainable Collection. Each piece in this beautiful collection is a testament to our dedication to environmental consciousness and ethical sourcing. Crafted with 100% recycled sterling silver and gold, adorned with responsibly sourced lab-grown diamonds and natural gemstones, these timeless designs exude elegance. Embrace conscious luxury as you adorn yourself with jewelry that not only enhances your beauty, but also aligns with your values.

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    Besse Beaded Hoops
    Melissa Lariat

    Sustainable Craftsmanship

    At Shelley Moon Designs, sustainability is woven into every aspect of our craftsmanship. We proudly utilize 100% recycled brass and sterling silver, minimizing our environmental impact and supporting a circular economy. Partnering with Kegulian, a woman-owned business in Los Angeles, ensures fair labor practices and sustainability throughout production. Each collection is meticulously crafted in small batches, reducing waste and prioritizing quality over quantity. Our commitment to sustainability isn't just a trend—it's our promise to you and the planet.