Jewelry Care Information

Here are some basic rules about how to take care of your jewelry once you receive it.

- Never take a bath or shower wearing your jewelry
- Remove all jewelry before sleep, swim, or exercise
- Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, make-up prior to putting on your jewelry
- Wipe down your jewelry with a soft cloth when you are done wearing your jewelry for the day
- Do not store your jewelry exposed in a jewelry box or on a jewelry stand
- Store your jewelry in zip lock bag

A word about sterling silver: Sterling silver will tarnish, it is a natural process and does not mean that your jewelry is not actual sterling silver. Tarnish is a surface stain that can be removed. Hair dye, chlorine, bleach, humidity and anything containing sulphur will speed up the tarnishing (oxidation) process. I recommend a silver polishing cloth or silver cleaner for jewelry without stones. Follow all directions on the package and your jewelry will clean right up. Storing your sterling silver jewelry away from air will slow down the oxidation process, we recommend placing jewelry in those little tiny ziplock bags and squeeze all air out of bag.

A word about Gold Filled: Gold filled metal is not solid gold. The only jewelry that will stay gold forever is solid gold. Solid gold is much more expensive than gold filled or plated gold. Plated gold will wear off the quickest and turn to the color of the base metal (not to be confused with the term tarnish, which is a surface stain that can be removed) while gold filled is much thicker and heavier than plated metal. It is the next best thing you can buy to solid gold but it also has limitations and will not last forever. If you want a forever piece, go for solid gold. Gold filled does not tarnish but eventually the gold may wear down.